Therapeutic Parenting Group: Foundations


This is a group programme for adoptive parents and carers with an SGO who want to learn how to enhance their relationship with their child and be more therapeutic in their parenting. It’s a friendly, fun and inspiring group that really helps!

We are currently running the group for adoptive parents and carers with an SGO only but if enough other people would like it we could certainly run other groups in the future.

Our therapeutic parenting group is adapted from Kim Golding’s Foundations for Attachment (2017). It is based on the Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) and Practice Model developed by Dan Hughes (2011).

Group format: The group consists of 6 sessions delivered over 6 weeks. Each session will be 3 hours long. The programme is divided in to 3 modules: 2 sessions per module.

Group size: maximum 18 parents (ideally in pairs when possible)

Location: Lichfield

Cost: £650 per person £1200 for couples (parenting the same child). The groups can usually be paid for using ASF funding (For adopters and carers with an SGO).


Dates: Wednesdays for six weeks  23rd January 2019 to 6th March 2019 (excluding 20th February for half-term) 10am to 1pm.

TCPS’s therapeutic parenting group is a six-session programme designed to help and support parents or carers of children with difficulties in their attachment relationships; especially those who have experienced early loss, separation or trauma.


The programme aims to help parents who are experiencing tough times with their child(ren) by enabling parents to increase their emotional connection with their child. Sessions are weekly with each session lasting three hours. Across the six weeks, group members cover a range of topics broken down into three main modules:

  • Understanding the challenges of parenting
  • DDP-informed therapeutic parenting
  • Looking after yourself

Take a look below for more detail on the modules

Our sessions are interactive and relaxed. Each session includes activities to help group members with practical skills. There is also time to reflect on parents’ own experiences and get much needed support from the facilitators and other group members.

If you:

  • are you an adoptive parent,
  • have an allocated adoption social worker,
  • are parenting a child between the ages of 0-18,
  • are ready willing and able to attend 6 x 3-hour sessions
  • and would like to improve the relationship with your child

Then get in touch!

Places for adoptive parents can often be funded via the Adoption Support Fund (ASF)

Module 1: Understanding the Challenges of Parenting


Session 1: Blocked relationships

Session 2: Hiding and Miscuing

This module introduces group members to the challenges often associated with parenting children with attachment difficulties. These are linked to attachment theory, an understanding of the theory of intersubjectivity, and the impact of trauma on development.


Module 2: DDP-Informed Therapeutic Parenting


Session 1: Building Connections

Session 2: Supporting Behaviour

This module explores DDP-informed therapeutic parenting, paying special attention to the parenting attitude of ‘PACE’ (playfulness, acceptance, curiosity and empathy). We will also think about the idea of mind-mindedness: understanding, without judging, the internal experience of your child. Group members work on how to stay open and engaged with children so that they can connect emotionally with them. We will also help parents to maintain this connection whilst also providing structure, supervision and discipline in order to support behaviour.


Module 3: Looking After Yourself!


Session 1: Understanding your attachment history

Session 2: Self-care and blocked care

This module shifts the focus from the child towards parents and explores the importance of good self-care. The impact of parents’ own attachment history on current parenting is also explored along with being mindful of our own strengths and vulnerabilities. The idea of ‘blocked care’ is an intriguing one, we will introduce this to group members and explore how to recognise when they are experiencing blocked care and ways to become ‘unblocked’.

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All of our adoption support services can be paid for via the Adoption Support Fund. Do get in touch and we’d be happy to guide you through every step of the process.

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