How can I check you are qualified to offer the service I want?

All required staff are registered and regulated by the Health Professions Council (the body that regulates health professionals). You can check their Practitioner Psychologist registration here.

What is the difference between a Psychiatrist and a Psychologist?

A Psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specialises in mental health. Psychiatrists diagnose mental health disorders and can prescribe medication.

Psychologists seek to understand people by using theories of and research on the mind and behaviour. Clinical Psychologists have received doctoral level training in using these theories to help people to cope with and overcome; mental health, emotional, social and behavioural difficulties. They are trained to work using a rich variety of approaches and can work with individuals and groups. Clinical Psychologists are trained at this level to deliver; assessments, therapeutic interventions, consultations, training, supervision and research.

Do you work with adults in their own right?

We will often work with adults when it is in relation to the child that requires work with TCPS but we have to maintain a clear focus on who the client is i.e. the child. We do not offer therapeutic work for individual adults.

Where will the appointments be?

For therapeutic work we can reach an agreement together about where we meet for appointments. Often work will be in your home, in the child’s school or within premises of appropriate agencies involved in the child’s care.

For training courses commissioned by agencies we prefer to use their facilities if possible in order to keep overall costs down. Where such facilities are not available, TCPS can provide these at an additional cost.

How long is each session?

This depends on the TCPS service you have requested.

Assessment sessions can be from 20 minutes to 2 and half hours in length (in response to how much the child can manage). Therapeutic work and consultation sessions are usually an hour long.

Training sessions will vary in length according to what training is being delivered. Please see our Training page for more details or get in touch and we will answer any queries you have.

Supervision sessions will vary in length according to your needs but would often be an hour long.

How many therapeutic sessions will we need?

Unfortunately there is no way of knowing exactly how many sessions we will need. When we meet and establish what work we will do we will give you an indication of how many we propose to start with. We will usually then review progress when we are getting towards the end of that period and decide together if more sessions are needed.

How do I pay?

If you are an individual paying for; your child’s treatment, consultation, training or supervision we ask that the first appointment is paid for at the end of that appointment. You can pay by cheque or cash, unfortunately we cannot accept card payments. Thereafter if you would prefer to be invoiced monthly we can arrange this. At this stage we can accept online or tele-banking transfers.

If you are representing an organisation we will request invoice details at booking and provide the service you require in the expectation that invoices are paid within 21 days of the date of the invoice.

Please see our Terms and Conditions.

Will my private health insurance pay for my child’s therapy?

Please ask your health insurance company whether your child’s assessment or therapy is included in your policy.

Do you work outside of the Midlands area?

TCPS provides many of its services nationally but we can only provide therapeutic work in the Midlands area.

Is information we give you kept confidentially?

Yes. This is an ethical principle that Clinical Psychologists are bound strictly by and it is something TCPS prides itself on. Dr Elliott is registered with the information commissioner.

If we have any concerns about the welfare of your child or anyone else we are obliged to advise the relevant authorities of this concern. If we have to share your information we will always try to talk to you about it first

Do you provide work experience placements?

No, unfortunately we are unable to provide such placements.

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